An abandoned and uniquely themed love hotel

It has been suggested that love hotels are one of Japan’s more resilient businesses, but even they sometimes succumb to hard times. And in many of the areas liberally dotted with them, the competition must be intense; each one attempting to outdo the other with novel interiors or technology. A fate it would seem that befell the now abandoned Hotel New Royal, as there’s a fairly new and far fancier place positioned right across from it.

The office part of the building certainly suggests that money had been a little thin on the ground during the latter years, as despite closing its doors for the last time in 2006, the equipment it is kitted out with feels like it’s from a very different age indeed.

abandoned love hotel

A time when figures were generally inputted with one, very deliberately pressed, finger.

abandoned love hotel

And tried and trusted metal switches were very much the order of the day.

abandoned love hotel

Equipment that the presumably far from young Narushima-san — who it would appear ran the hotel — perhaps felt just about comfortable with.

abandoned love hotel

Accounting and clerical tasks that needed to be fitted in between the considerably more pressing work of such establishments — cleaning.

abandoned love hotel

Yet despite the rather archaic nature of the office, the rooms themselves really weren’t that bad. Something that’s still true even now, another five years down the line. Yes, there’s no denying they are dated, but not diabolically so.

abandoned love hotel

Plus they were fitted with a few nice little extras. There was the offer of sustenance for those who may have over exerted themselves.

abandoned love hotel

Phones and fancy panels to marvel at and play with.

abandoned love hotel

Along with games machines for those whose heart perhaps wasn’t in it when it came to the main purpose of being there. Although with buttons labelled double up, big and small, there was no getting away from the job at hand.

abandoned love hotel

And for those who were up for it, there was no shortage of matches for more than a few post-coital Marlboros.

abandoned love hotel

In regards any kind of theme, mirrors were clearly a key feature.

abandoned love hotel

But for the more adventurous, this room had a moving bed.

abandoned love hotel

With simple buttons to get things rolling.

abandoned love hotel

And while there is obviously no power in the building anymore, the rooms are still in surprisingly good condition, with very little damage apart from the removal of all the air-conditioning units. A scenario that presumably prompted at least one person to stay. The colour of the sheets and the amount of tissues they went through suggesting it was for quite some time too.

abandoned love hotel

Yet why they chose the rather mundane room they did is hard to fathom, especially with a chariot sat idly by next door.

abandoned love hotel

Or even more so the marvel that was just across the corridor. For starters its lamps are quite ornate.

abandoned love hotel

But even they are nothing compared to the bed itself. A truly preposterous affair that is quite literally the Rolls Royce of beds.

abandoned love hotel


  1. Marc Tobolski says

    Love Hotels – so Japanese. I want to stop at the UFO-themed one in Chiba (Makuharihongo) one day just to see what it looks like inside! Thanks again for an excellent pictorial, Lee.

    • PatricMan says

      The UFO is very old. Most ladies don’t like it that much. It’s clean but old and sometimes rooms smell smoky. Men love it I guess because of the fantasies they have imagining how many thousands of couples already (ab)used this particular room. No? Anyways, great experience, cheap, and unique payment system. 2,800 Yen for 2h during weekends and 3,800 Yen all day during weekday. Some awesome mirror rooms available. Enjoy exchanging body fluids :)

  2. says

    Wonderful post Lee! I’d seen the odd photo of car-shaped beds in love hotels before, but this seems to be quite a recently abandoned hotel! I guess nature hasn’t got inside yet.

    • says

      Cheers Michael. Yeah, only 5 years. The fact that it hasn’t been touched at all, with not even a window smashed, means nature hasn’t really had a chance.

  3. MrSatyre says

    Wow. Gotta say that one is in such “recently occupied” condition as to be creepy. Are you sure you didn’t hear feet running down the back stairs when you went in?

  4. winnie says

    It look quite new that do not look like the abandoned hotel, except rubbish is scattered around.
    When I looked at the pictures, I thought of the movie “Austin Power”

    Nice pictures!

  5. says

    It looks great…and surprisingly clean too, after all this time! (except for the room where there was rubbish)

  6. says

    It probably felt a lot creepier than it looks. I’d expect business to start up while I was exploring. :) Very nice find.

    • says

      It wasn’t to be honest. Apart from the room in which somebody had been living. It was something a bit different though, that’s for sure.

  7. Don says

    Having once practiced architecture, I look at these pictures and just can’t make the leap to what it must have been like to come up with the themes for each room during planning. The conversations must have been a laugh a minute… =D

  8. says

    I’m doing some research for a story I’m writing… I needed an abandoned hotel in the Tokyo area, so Google led me here. Your pictures are fascinating, it’s clear you made a great find!

    Just for the sake of nitpicking authenticity, could you possibly tell me where exactly in Tokyo this hotel is? It’s a big city, after all…

  9. Bernadette says

    You had to go there with the pun, huh? The room wasn’t cheesy enough, Lee? LOL

    • says

      Haha! The chance for a pun should never be passed up. Especially not when there’s a Rolls Royce bed involved!

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