Abenomics, the falling value of the yen, and fallen yen

Abenomics is now a buzzword both in Japan and abroad, with the current, Shinzo Abe led government, creating a huge stir with its unusually bold economic policies. Understandably the verdict is still out on whether this new approach will be successful or not, but Japan’s message for the G20 that ‘Abenomics is good for all’ managed to escape criticism, and the rapidly weakening yen is there for all to see.

For many, however, such speculation remains of little concern. Likewise the falling value of the yen. As fallen yen are a much greater necessity.

Japanese homeless man squatting and looking for money


    • says

      Thanks a lot. I do like to capture these snippets of everyday life here. Especially scenes such as this that are very different from the usual ‘image’ of Japan.

  1. John says

    Maybe it’s just me but the manhole cover looks like the 100 yen coin that the guy’s looking for.

    It’s just me, right?

  2. john says

    Is Abenomics some kind of yoga that’s good for the stomach, or is it just me too?
    Love the blues (a Leica thing?) and the red.
    Cue Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re’s ‘Manhole’ song ‘in color’!

    • says

      It certainly has that ring to it, and the man in question does seem to be holding it together. Whether that’ll still be the same when the shit (pun very much intended) almost inevitably hits the fan though, remains to be seen.

      Cheers. I suspect not. The abundance of grey in the shot probably highlights the blues and reds. Or at least that’s my take on it.

      Who knows about the manhole, but hopefully it’ll lead him to somewhere better, and not the land of the dead…

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