A young Japanese woman feeding a pigeon

To many people, pigeons are nothing but pests. But not for this young woman. Instead, they are creatures to be cared for and fed leftover bar snacks.

Japanese woman feeding a pigeon


  1. Coli says

    Beautiful picture! 1000 words for sure with this. Where did you take this at? I’m no critic but I think this is one of your best pictures.

    • says

      Thank you very much! Great to hear it struck a chord.

      I took it in Shinjuku. It was mid-afternoon and so fairly quiet — hence the pigeon feeding!

  2. Coli says

    It really does strike a chord. Black and white works so well in this picture. Lee when you take pictures do you do so alone or with others? Would be great fun to take pictures with you. Although my camera would scare many away campared to your Leica. :)

    • says

      Thanks again. Been on a real colour binge of late, but yeah, this one had to be black and white.

      Most of the time I go out alone, but not exclusively. I do meet like-minded friends for photo walks. Good to catch up and take photos. The idea of a group photo walk on the other hand doesn’t appeal at all. I like to walk wherever the mood takes me, not where the group does…

      So the next time you are in Tokyo, I’d definitely be up for a stroll. Whatever camera you decide to bring!

  3. Squidpuppy says

    Nice. Really like the composition.

    Pigeons, crows, birds of any ilk always remind me we’re not the only ones here. It’s a lot more notable when it’s a monkey in a train station, or a boar in your backyard, but our urban environments are filled with critters. Near my brother’s house in Setagaya-ku there’s a park where civets (hakubishin) have lived for many years. How bizarre is that?

    Can we get a picture of crows? Yeah, they’ve really become a nuisance in recent years, I understand, but I used to enjoy hearing them on a Fall twilit evening. Another sound that always reminds me of Tokyo is the coo of doves in the early morning.

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      Yeah, it’s pretty amazing how many animals and birds manage to live in Tokyo. Way more than you’d expect.

      Tokyo’s crows unsettle me a bit. At least up close. Remember having lunch in the park once and one kept getting nearer and nearer, clearly wanting me to throw it some food. But the nearer it got, the bigger I noticed its beak was. A beautiful thing in many ways, but it was a little too close for comfort!

      I do have one crow photo in a suitably urban setting. Posted it a good while back. Here it is.

  4. Bernadette Marchetti says

    She almost seems fearful or shy.

    Then I remember that birds are dinosaurs. And this pic takes on a whole new dimension for me. Though, it just might be my weird imagination.

    • says

      Yeah, presumably one of those situations with any kind of bird or animal. You want to feed them, but at the same time you are always a bit wary of exactly what they are going to do.

      No, I agree. One look at their claws at there’s no getting away from it…

  5. Zeno Vassiliades says

    I visited Japan on holiday for a while back in 2007. Looking at your photos makes me miss it a lot.

    • says

      Cheers. It’s good to know my photos bring back memories, or at least feelings. Hope you get to make it out here again.

  6. Matt Talbot says

    I’m very impressed with your photo of the woman and the pigeon and the fact that, in taking the pic, you didn’t frighten either of them away! Great work.

    • says


      I have a dubious talent of scaring away young ladies, let alone birds, so it was definitely an achievement!

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