A young and happy Japanese family

The double whammy of Japan’s ageing and shrinking population will produce all manner of problems in the coming years; issues that the nation’s numerous Prime Ministers will almost laughably fail to deal with. A feat they are already achieving with the likes of poverty and the faltering economy.

So ahead of an election that is destined to change nothing for the better, and a birthrate that shows no sign of booming, it’s especially nice to see a young family enjoying the simple pleasures that life in the capital conjures up.

happy Japanese family


  1. says

    Great shot, love how the bright clothes of the kid contrasts with the darker clothes of her mom, like a little angel :-)
    And you’re absolutely right that Japan seems to be heading for self destruction in one or two generations and it is like the elephant in the room as the solutions would need immediate political decisions, and that is just not the Japanese way.

    • says

      Thanks! Yeah, the colour of her clothes and the light worked out really well.

      I know. And no matter how large that elephant gets, it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Really makes you wonder what will…

  2. Willy says

    Must be loads of cute happy families up and down the archipelago… sparks of a last resort against a decline… a history forged in both blazing lights and a quagmires… another birth of the brand new, permanently, undefinable and chaotic outcome… the far-reaching arcs of glowing embers…
    the essence of hope…
    + An uncontrollable love of the ellipsis… … …

  3. Iwao Yamamoto says

    The picture black and white and the place where the family are spending in a downtown ( this may not mean correct ) Tokyo and reading the article made me remind of the Japanese old film “Wakamonotachi” : Young people. How the young bothers and a sister in a poor house were struggling but didn’t lose their dream! With the sound track people who lived in that age will remember those age in Japan. You must be surprised to see they were eating very, very fast; now we may think it’s very impolite but in those times it was normal. In 1960 or so in Japan. We must look back again. Young people now don’t know anything about this kind of things. The problems about communication lies they don’t talk or listen to what others are going to say I think.

  4. says

    I, for one, have hope. A country can only rely on the backs of a growing population (such as the case here in America with social security) for so long before the population itself becomes a problem (China). I would love to see Japan prove that you don’t have to continue growing the population at an alarming rate to be successful. *fingers crossed* for Japan.

  5. john says

    Nicely put. There’s a whole lot of people on the planet and we all like consuming stuff and having more economic growth, but the planet is not getting any bigger.

  6. Rachael says

    It good to see that a smile can still warm the faces of many. She is too darned cute! Life is the best when you can still enjoy the little things, like eating out. I still enjoy it with my little family! :) Thanks for sharing. (Been coming here for awhile, but felt like commenting)

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