A young and feisty Tokyo drinker

Like many residents of Tokyo, this young fella wasn’t born in the capital. Instead, he came here to make a living out of what he loves most – music.

Up to now, however, that hasn’t worked out, and instead he’s delivering leaflets for a pizza company; spending what little money he has on booze and a bit of light relief. But hopefully one day he’ll make it, or if not, at least more money.



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      Yeah, not my choice of beverage to be honest.

      Nah, he was off work. Good old yakitori instead. Never a bad option.

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    I’m with you on that: yakitori all the way in grubby little restaurants. Besides, the pizza I had in Nara was tiny, about half the size of a standard pizza. :-)

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      It is. And the older I get, the more I want to eat it. Well, that and gyoza. I’ve basically become an oyaji!

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