A wonderfully relaxing weekend afternoon

On a comfortably warm weekend afternoon, relaxing outside with a book really takes some beating.

reading outside in Japan


  1. andra says

    yeah, that was the 1st thing to strike me too, taking the shoes off when sitting on a boardwalk type of thing. fascinating how Japanese people take off their shoes almost everywhere, and I cannot get the people take come into my house to take theirs off!!! they actually look offended when asked, seriously!

    • says

      That’s one of the little things I like about cherry blossom season, seeing all the shoes neatly lined up around the picnic mat. It always fascinates me.

      Definitely with you on the house thing. After living here for so long, going into someones house with my shoes on just seems wrong. As does seeing others walk about their house in outdoor shoes.

      • says

        From a Western p.o.v. unless asked to remove your shoes (in which case one should) doing so could be percieved as making yourself too comfortable in someone else’s home. Additionally, a person could feel vulnerable without their shoes. I rarely wear mine especially in my own house for comfort reasons. I inform guests that they can if they want to, but it’s not a requirement. Unless they’re muddy. In that case, thankfully, they usually take them off automatically at the door.

        • says

          That’s interesting Lizzy, I hadn’t thought of it like that. Fascinating how the same gesture can be viewed so differently.

        • Jaska says

          Depends which part of the ‘Western’ p.o.v. we’re talking. Here in Finland it’s the same as in Japan, when you go in you take your shoes off, doesn’t matter whether it’s your own home or someone elses.

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