A winter picnic in pedestrianised Ginza

At the weekend, Ginza’s pedestrianised main street allows visitors to enjoy something of a rarity in Tokyo — space. A welcome move that makes the area ideal for parents, possible pets, and far less frequently, picnics.

Tokyo urban picnic


  1. says

    I’ve always wondered if the night before the street is opened to pedestrians, if the street is swept? But then again, it may not need a sweep.

  2. Iwao Yamamoto says

    Always you give us meaningful photos in Japan. The photo in Ginza surely reminds me of Hanami in springtime in Japan. Japanese people like these types of situation. I think this comes from our ancestor who were mostly farmers producing rice and took some rest under the tree in the rice field; rest in peace. The ideal moment for us. In such society such moments we can enjoy ourselves without thinking anything.

    • says

      Thanks. Yes, it reminded me of hanami too. A nice moment for sure, and like you say, a simple pleasure that we can all enjoy — even in urban Tokyo!

    • says

      Yeah, great idea, isn’t it? The pedestrianised street really does make a difference. People appear more relaxed, and the area just seems a lot more alive. Amazing the difference such a simple idea can make.

    • says

      Thanks! Seasons greetings to you too!

      It’s definitely a positive. Really does make the place feel more welcoming. Nice to have so much space as well. A lovely change.

    • says

      Yes, definitely. Rather than just shopping, there are people parading their pets. Some street performers. Along with plenty of others just chilling out. A huge improvement.

  3. says

    Pedestrianizing Ginza was a brilliant move, but I hope they don’t stop there. I can think of numerous areas of Tokyo that could really benefit from being closed to traffic. And not just Tokyo, other major cities as well.

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