A very human-like pet monkey in Tokyo

The on-going pet boom in Japan has resulted in a large number of animals being treated like humans; arguably even better in many cases, with dogs in particular living the high life. They wear clothes, drive toy cars and even ride pillion on their masters’ motorbikes.

Yet to come across a pet that actually looks human, instead of just being expected to behave like one, is somehow much more unsettling.

Japanese pet monkey


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      Yeah, have to agree, he didn’t seem the happiest of fellas that’s for sure. At the same time, it was clear that his owner thought the world of him.

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    According to an article I read at the Reuters webpage, an exorbitant large number of pets are destroyed in the Japanese pounds once the pets become less cute or less willing to behave like a little doll. I do have question marks when I see a dog with hat and tiny shoes being hauled around in a bag while it really should be walking and running…

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      Yes, that’s a huge problem. I saw a programme on TV a good while back explaining how large numbers of animals are destroyed every year. I can’t remember the figures, but it was a shocking amount. They also had footage from the gas chambers they use to kill dogs too. Truly horrific stuff.

      • Keith Jackson says

        The problem is not as great as you think. The USA destroys 4 million dogs a year, yet Japan with half the population only kills between 100,000 and 250,000. Japan could easily become a No Kill Nation but unfortunately most Japanese don’t like “used” dogs and won’t adopt. The worst part is the method of killing which is not only gas but Carbon Dioxide which is much more painful than Carbon Monoxide.

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          It seems the same with ‘older’ dogs too. There’s a pet shop near me, and it’s pretty shocking to see the prices for dogs quickly drop as they get past the young puppy stage. I’d like to think that they are all bought, but I very much doubt it…

  2. Andy says

    I think you’ll find that this is just a very simian-like child. You should see his dad…

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