A truly disturbing Buddhist statue in Tokyo

With their constantly staring eyes, Japanese scarecrows make for an unsettling sight; one that probably has a much bigger impact on people passing by, rather than any pests they are supposed to be protecting the crops from.

Japanese scarecrow

The truly unpleasant gaze of a student statue revealing what appears to be a life-like face, however, in many ways makes the likes of those above seem positively pleasant looking.

scary Japanese statue

And yet it’s arguable that neither of them have anything on this: a Buddhist figure that is always watching — no matter which angle you warily try to look at it from.

scary Buddhist statue


  1. winnie says

    Sort of sad that the Buddhist figure had disfigured. It look like Human Specimen too and the expression of the eyes was so…..ghastly!!!

    • says

      Yeah, people have been rubbing his head and shoulders so much that he’s started to wear away. I had a go myself, but very gingerly…

    • says

      Not sure which is the most disturbing there…

      He did indeed. Saw him in the corner of the temple as soon as I walked in, but trying to photograph him straight on was difficult the way the light was coming in through the window. Couldn’t believe it though when I went to the side instead, and he was still looking at me!

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