A traditionally untraditional Tokyo cyclist

Cycling is a hugely popular pastime in Japan, with massive numbers of lycra-clad Tokyoites heading for the city’s cycle paths and more wild western regions every weekend. But the bicycle also remains the most convenient method for many people to get about, whether it be to work, the local supermarket, or just the station. And what better way to enjoy this traditional form of travel than in equally traditional attire?

traditional Japanese cyclist


  1. john says

    Great! but I hope that hat offers suitable protection – faux straw fibreglass perhaps?
    Tokyo Times has been a cycle snap desert for too long!

    • says

      Haha, maybe!

      Surprising how few people wear protective headwear in Japan. Pretty much stupid cyclists only.

      Yes, as a keen cyclist myself, there has been a distinct lack of bike-related photos. Will have to rectify that over the coming months.

  2. says

    At least he’s not on the pavement harassing pedestrians with his mamachari, nice capture!
    I always get confused when I’m walking on the pavement and people start ringing their bells and plough through; I’m not gonna jump in the middle of traffic to get out of their way, and as I’m pretty tall, they usually change their mind and get on the main road last moment :-)

    • says

      I know what you mean. Not wanting to deal with all the traffic I can understand, but so many times people ride on the pavement when there is no traffic. That I can’t understand!

  3. LAObserver says

    Lee is Nippon embracing cycling with dedicated bike-only lanes ? I was in Tokyo & Kyoto earlier this year but do not remember seeing any.

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