A Tokyo summer insect

Due to not having the desire, or indeed the right gear, to photograph them, insects aren’t something you’d normally see on this site. Dragonflies, however, are definitely one of the more likeable arthropods, and this one, in fiery red, seemed to perfectly sum up the currently sizzling Tokyo summer — the heat of which will more than likely last longer than the insect it summoned.

And unfortunately, so will its prey, the far more malevolent mosquito.

Tokyo shrine in Autumn


  1. says

    Beautiful shot. May you not have the equipment, but that picture was really prompt and subtle.
    And, albeit heat is on the order for Japan, random weather strikes my country.

    • says

      Thank you! We had a lot of random weather earlier in the year, but from now until September, it’s likely to be hot all day, everyday.

  2. Matt says

    My wife always says they signal that fall is coming…based on the temps in Tokyo that’s a long way off. Very nice shot.

    • says

      Cheers Matt. Yeah, we are a long long way away from autumn. After a few false starts, this last week or so has really felt like summer.

  3. Hilary says

    That would make the most beautiful desktop wallpaper. Would you consider making the full size available?

  4. Calissaja says

    Great photo, Lee. What an incredible colour. And what do you mean you don’t have the right gear? You’ve at least got a lens fast enough to capture this little guy. Later in the year we get mayflies down here too – bottle green and dark red, even the wings; just like velvet.
    How many shots did you take to get this one?

    • says

      Thanks Calissaja! Something a bit special, aren’t they?

      I took 3 shots. 2 on another flower. Then it very obligingly positioned itself where I got this picture.

  5. says

    Despite the self-professed lack of interest and equipment, this is a great shot. :) Are those lotus buds? Planning on taking any lotus photos? I hope so!

    • says

      Thank you! They might be lotus, not really sure. Flowers really aren’t my thing I’m afraid. Insects aren’t really to be honest, but I’ve always found dragonflies fascinating, and the colour of this one really caught my eye.

  6. Gijs says

    Great shot, especially if you dont have the right gear! Keep the bugs coming I say :-)

    Actually I was wondering what kind of gear you normally use. You’re pictures always have such good DOF. Are you using a telelens on a low F setting? If so, how do you keep your camera steady? It seems you are nog using a (tri)pod.

    • says

      Cheers Gijs!

      For this photo (and many on this site to be honest) I used the Nikkor 85mm f/1.4. It produces lovely bokeh. And yeah, I never use a tripod. Most of my stuff is shot on the street (or in the park!), so no option to even if I wanted to. Basically I just hold the camera steady!

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