A Tokyo shrine in the snow

It doesn’t snow all that often in Tokyo. And very rarely as much as it did over the weekend. So when it does, there’s the inevitable chaos and complaining: train services deteriorate, people still attempt to cycle, plus millions of others shiver in uninsulated homes.

But some of the benefits — at least initially — are that it makes an ugly city almost pretty. And pretty things quite beautiful.



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      It was. Lovely and quiet too. My plan had been to walk a lot more and visit a few more shrines and temples, but the swirling wind had me scurrying back not long after taking this photo…

  1. Matt says

    When i heard it was snowing I was hoping you’d have some snow shots. Beautiful shot. The quiet it brings must have been very unusual for Tokyo.

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      Thank you!

      It was. The quietness is really something. Walking about in it is quite odd – in a good way.

      Just a shame the wind was so strong, otherwise I’d have walked a lot more. Got pretty unpleasant, pretty quickly.

  2. Willy says

    All my net-endowed J-buddies seem to be transfixed with snow at the moment.. which I find disconcerting, considering the usual amount of it… dispirit its initial charming and profound transformative magic … Nevertheless, its only good for a couple days, not months (* for more information, go live in rural Tohoku for a winter or two)

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      I know. But it’s hard not to get carried away with it in Tokyo, as so much snow is so rare. 40-something years since the city had so much.

      But yeah, compared to other parts of Japan, it was nothing. And things don’t immediately shut down like they do here.

  3. says

    Beautiful! Looking at this and other Tokyo-based photographers’ photos of the occasion really makes me wish I could have been over to experience this rare event and the quietude along with it. Thanks for sharing, Lee, as always.

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      Thank you! And you are more than welcome!

      It was a rarity that’s for sure. Snow was forecast, but I don’t think anybody expected so much. Just a pity it was so windy, as it made walking round far less pleasant than it could have been.

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