A Tokyo host and hostess getting intimately acquainted?

For anyone who has seen the fascinating, The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief, the depressingly cyclical nature of Japan’s host and hostess business will be horribly familiar. Scores of young women who make good money flattering or otherwise servicing men, then go on to quickly recycle their gains at similarly cynical host clubs. A practice that arguably sums up the lonely, destructive nature of Japan’s vast adult entertainment industry.

But, after a very long night, these two at least found some company.

Tokyo host and hostess

Regardless of the possible financial cost.

Tokyo host and hostess


  1. winnie says

    Interesting pictures!
    I cannot stop laughing to the picture because of the lady’s gesture. “Hey, xxx(the guy’s name) Look at me! Look at me, why don’t you look at me?”( I just imagine what she said)

    The guy noticed you in the first picture. Did he smile at you?
    He looked so tired.

    • says

      He was certainly looking in my direction, but they were both so drunk he may not have even noticed me. They were staggering about seemingly oblivious to everything.

  2. says

    What time of day was this? I keep being drawn to the street itself and how empty it is! To just stand there in the middle of an empty street with so many buildings on it, if it weren’t for the one man on the far right, gives the whole scene a “what shall we do now that all the people are gone” feeling. Beautiful if a bit eerie.

    • says

      That’s a good point, Lizzy. It hadn’t dawned on me how quiet the street is.

      It was taken late morning, on s Saturday, but the location is just on the edge of a red light district, so approaching midday is obviously not its busiest time!

  3. Marc says

    If in the States I would have suspected he may be her pimp. Does that exist in Japan? Have managed to avoid the seedier side of this in my visits.

    • says

      I’m not sure about pimps as such, but most adult establishments have dodgy types outside drumming up business. Touts I suppose would be the word I’d use, but I’m really not sure how the trade operates.

  4.  マーク says

    Weve all been there…or atleast I have…the early morning moment in the light of day when the cash spent is starting to ‘dawn’ and the last few moments of fleeting connection start to fade…

  5. frank stepanski says

    I remember watching that on Netflix months ago….it made no sense to me how the women actually thought he was their “boyfriend” and thought he’d really date them outside the club??? really? of course, its a different way of thinking compared to us…

    • says

      I think such behaviour is universal. Such establishments wouldn’t exist otherwise. But for people in the same business to fall for the same tricks really surprised me…

  6. Edenbeast says

    As far as I know public display of affection in Japan considered unpleasant and will make people stare at them in disapproval, how did they manage to do that I don’t know!
    Also I never understood the Japanese adult entertainment, I found it to be cold and devoid of emotion; almost mechanical !!

    • says

      This is right by the red light district, so much easier to get away with. Plus they were both incredibly drunk!

      Interestingly displays of public affection are a little more common these days. Certainly more than a few years ago anywhere. Although it’s still nothing especially overt.

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