A Tokyo bike with a ludicrous amount of lights

Cyclists in Tokyo can be an absolute menace; both to themselves and other people. Two of the main offences being riding on the wrong side of the road, and recklessly not bothering with lights – sometimes even at the same time.

This fella, however, may well be guilty of the former, but he definitely can’t be accused of the latter.

Japanese bicycle with lots of lights


  1. Martin says

    He appears to have more than a couple horns as well. Individualism should be praised lol.

    • says

      It should. Always nice to see a real eccentric. Better still one concerned with his and others safety!

  2. says

    Cycling on the pavement and ruthlessly demanding the right of way from every poor sod walking in front of them is my favourite nuisance of cyclists in Japan :-)

  3. says

    I believe the gentleman is a bicycle light vendor making his rounds. This appear to be taillights arranged on a sales display across his back wheel.

    • says

      I’ve seen him before, so not sure that he is to be honest. But it’d be a very unique job if he is.

  4. winnie says

    So Cool!!

    I wish that I could see him too! . Then I will stop him and to take picture with him and bike!! Hahahaha.. :)

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