1. Matt says

    I’m wondering if you noticed this before or after you had taken the photo….actually don’t answer that.

    • says

      Yeah. Well, pretty sure anyway. To be honest, it hadn’t even crossed my mind that she may be a he. What makes you think that?

      • says

        The hair, I guess, and maybe the legs… but wait, now looking at the cellulite – it doesn’t look like a lady boy.

  2. says

    Arrugh! And here I thought only plumbers in the U.S. showed their butt cracks/ thongs, undies. No prude am I, but she certainly does not set the heart to beating faster

      • says

        I second that, I’ve seen the same fashion of short shorts, thong and handbag in Tokyo this summer, I guess it is more a lifestyle statement than a fashion statement though. Ganguro/yamamba is out, this might be the replacement :-)

  3. Caroline says

    For whatever reason (because they tend to be so skinny I guess), I thought that Japanese girls didn’t have cellulite so it’s quite a surprise to see that they do have that problem too!

    • says

      I’ve been coming to Japan for the last 18 years or so and I have the district impression that the big macs and milkshakes are also taking hold in Japan. No obesity problem yet, but give it time :-)

      • says

        Yes, there has been a big change in diet, and imported fast food is certainly one of those changes. The healthier aspects of the Japanese diet will probably help Japan avoiding the obesity levels of many western countries, but it’s obviously going to have an effect on a good number of the population in the coming years.

        • Willy says

          We lived up the hill. Up-the-hill kids were a lot slimmer than those that lived down the hill.. Due to the up-the-hill kids having to walk the 3 km up and down the hill every day to get to school…and their non-proximity to the Konbini. There are obesity probs in Japan. Just not yet nearly as striking as the people of Walmart… Let’s hope it never gets to that.

  4. marion says

    I’m so torn! Part of me wants to high-5 her for going against the grain… and part of me wants to run up and tie a sweater around her waist!

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