A slightly disheveled Tokyo stare

Some days are most definitely better than others.

disheveled Japanese man in Ueno


  1. Coil says

    I know this is a bad thing to say, but if our friend here had far less hair, he would remind me of Haruki Murakami’s character of Ushikawa. :)

    • says

      I haven’t read iq84 yet, and it’s a long time since I read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, so the name doesn’t really bring up any images. I did, however find this picture. And no, it’s not especially flattering!

    • Bernadette Marchetti says

      Wow. I didn’t expect to see Murakami fans here. I heard that he’s not as well-liked in his native country for being to “Western”. I, too, have not read 1Q84 yet, my ex-husband was a HUGE fan. I read Kafka on the Shore. Beautiful book.

      • says

        Nah, He’s hugely popular in Japan. In fact when IQ84 was released, there were queues and the like. A big seller.

        • says

          Oh, yes, every time a new novel is released, my wife makes me order it via Amazon.jp and often we have to wait for the reprint. Big fan myself and, frankly, I am a bit upset that the English translations of the new books do come so late. Of 1q84 I ended up buying the Dutch translation (which was excellent, btw) as it was available about a year before the English version.

          • says

            Need to get round to reading that soon. The translations to take a while to arrive, don’t they? But I suppose it’s not a quick process, and hopefully the time they take means they are trying to get as close to the original (in both felling and meaning) as possible.

  2. says

    Somebody hasn’t been home, which always makes me feel worried about the person fearing that he might have lost his job and now too embarrassed to return home. Your photos do tell stories!

    • says

      Thank you. If they tell stories then I’m doing something right. Very nice to know!

      Yeah, I don’t know what the deal was there. Nice shirt and the like, so presumably not too down on his luck, but like you say, something clearly wasn’t right. Just have to hope that it is now.

  3. Bernadette Marchetti says

    I hear it’s hard work being a salaryman in Japan, but this guy looks like he’s been through an adventure good enough for an action movie. Disheveled is an understatement!

    • says

      Generally speaking, yes, it isn’t easy. Long hours. Dedication to the company/job etc. A lot is expected, for increasingly little in return. Not a career path I could ever imagine dealing with, either on a physical or psychological level…

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