A Shinjuku girl doing her make-up in a red light district doorway

Girls doing their make-up on the train is a regular sight in Tokyo; young women who unabashedly go about their business despite the quiet but uncomfortable congestion around them.

Doing the same thing plonked down on the pavement, however, isn’t nearly so common, although in Kabukicho, Shinjuku’s infamous red light district, it perhaps shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Kabukicho girl


  1. winnie says

    Cool!! I have not see this situation before! She going to make up there?!
    They seem to be capable of make up in anywhere. They also can do their make-up while standing in moving train.

    • says

      It certainly seems that way…

      Nah, she didn’t even notice. I only stopped briefly, and she was too caught up in what she was doing.

    • says

      True, but she was looking in her bag for more beauty products. Some of which, along with her cigarettes, she had already put on the pavement.

  2. Iwao Yamamoto says

    Somehow a black and white picture reminds me of the past town like Ueno Station after the world war under the guard of Yamanote Line. I can understand she is going to make up there because it’s convieninent for her instead of getting into a building or a room. We feel sad for these young women. In Japan we learn morals in public at elementary schools or junior high schools but these days almost no one is going to say something to them directly. Regrettable indeed. As always your picture makes me say something! Thank you.

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