A salaryman gone astray?

Tokyo’s dirty and dark alleyways are generally the home of mangy stray cats, not suited salarymen. So what this fella was doing there, or whether it’s actually one of his regular haunts, is anybody’s guess.

Tokyo alley salary man


    • says

      I know! I’d love to know what he was up to. It certainly wasn’t just a crafty ciggie that’s for sure.

  1. Jaska says

    He’s holding something in his hands. Coins? Maybe he’s looking for a vending machine?

    • says

      Definitely not looking for a vending machine, as in that area in particular there’s no shortage of them at all. But yeah, it does like he could be holding coins. Or at least something similar in size.

  2. Dochimichi1 says

    Many of your photos remind me Kurosawa’s movies. The gritty side of humanity!

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