1. says

    First of all, my complements on the composition of the shot of the nurse in front of the wall of photos with the photos just the right bit out of the DOF area to make it work.
    And then you leave me guessing what is actually going on, so weird! I’ve heard of the anglers’ expression of ‘playing a salmon,’ but I always had a different image in mind :-)

    • says

      Thank you! I just wish I could have avoided all those coats piled up in the corner…

      Haha, yes, that’s something else altogether. Or is it?!

  2. Ken says

    Well spotted for the Fender logo. It’s a fishocaster and she is in the back-up band for Salmon Dave.

    • Willy says

      I watched this clip. and then watched a few more of the same band.. then looked up their Jwiki entry.. oh dear split up. but good nutty stuff. sort of reminiscent of Captain Beefheart.. even without the fish symbolism… thanks for the little gem! and Via Lee’s highly skilled trout-o-caster pic capturing !
      good stuff.

  3. Bernadette Marchetti says

    As someone who studied cultural anthropology in uni, I’m well aware that the stereotypes of a certain nationality or ethnicity are often inaccurate or exaggerated. However, sometimes I wonder if the stereotype of the weirdness that comes out of Japan is really all that inaccurate or exaggerated.

    Then again, I’m a citizen of a country that thinks Duck Dynasty is entertainment (for those who aren’t aware of Duck Dynasty, you won’t have to search far to discover it’s claim to fame–or the ensuing controversy).

    • says

      Wasn’t aware of that show. And yes, having done a quick search, it certainly puts things into perspective.

      I think one of the great things about Tokyo, is that such wonderfully odd/surreal moments are relatively commonplace. And invariably no one bats an eyelid. Somehow making them less odd, and instead just endearing.

      Not sure if that makes any sense, but I hope it does. At least a bit.

  4. LAObserver says

    I am sure that is Clapton’s favorite Strato which was stolen during Cream’s touring days; now reincarnated as . . .

    • says

      He was actually here recently I think doing a few shows. Perhaps a ruse to cover his real purpose, the rescuing of his old guitar?!

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