A night on the tiles in Shinjuku?

With its red light district, shops and seemingly endless selection of bars and eateries, Shinjuku really does seem to have something for everyone. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also a destination that’s incredibly easy to get to, situated as it is by the world’s busiest train station; a staggering 3.5 million travellers or so passing through there everyday.

Some of whom use it as a place to head out from, whereas others end up using it as a place to get their head down.

Shinjuku Station


  1. Martin says

    Lol, exactly what I expected from your description. The girl looks like she might be looking for action and the guy has already had enough.

    • says

      Yeah, he’d had clearly had more than enough. It was only early evening though, so he must have started early.

  2. Marc says

    What always struck me as odd is how people feel it is relatively safe to be passed out in this place. Or any other station in Tokyo for that matter. Granted – they are out of their heads and not thinking rational, but for 95% of these folks it ain’t their first rodeo.

    • says

      In many ways it’s a credit to society that people can just pass out wherever they feel like it and not have any fears. Although like you say, in the state they are in it’s debatable if they have thought it through that way. And yet at the same time, so many people slumped around the city is arguably anything but a credit to society…

      • Marc says

        Although I do have to admit to a few nights getting some beers at the AM/PM then watching the dancers work on their moves to their reflection in the windows of the Iyo Bank just east of the station. Always a little tipsy as we wandered back to our room. Always felt safe in doing so – even while staggering past the police station!

        • says

          Yes, for all its faults, that’s one aspect of Japan that I will never complain about. In over 14 years here, I’ve never felt threatened or in any danger whatsoever. Even late at night in so-called ‘dangerous’ areas while carrying expensive camera gear. Not one problem at all.

          • says

            That is one thing that always warms my heart when reading your blog, and one thing I hope never changes in Japan. People everywhere should know that feeling of personal safety.

  3. Matt says

    I like this fact of Japan. Just lay down and sleep it off, unlike some other countries I could mention.

    • says

      Hard to say really as it was a Sunday. But whatever the case, I’m sure it made for a rough Monday morning…

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