A new Banksy, in Tokyo?

Fellow urban artist, Invader, has several of his distinct works decorating Tokyo. A few of which can be seen here. Banksy, on the other hand, doesn’t. Or at least not any that are well documented. But could this finally be one?

And even if it isn’t, who’s watching who?

Banksy in Tokyo


  1. Dean says

    Very cool pic. Love how everyone is looking in different directions.

    But a Banksy? Don’t think so……

  2. Matt says

    I’m still waiting to spot one like that here in Vancouver. Would be nice to think it was a real Banksy.

  3. marion says

    So happy to find your blog! It’s satisfying my travel bug to return to Tokyo (for the moment at least). And those pants are fabulous… I may have to make a pair for myself!

    • says

      Glad to hear it, Marion.

      There are plenty of shops that sell them, so you could save yourself some work.

  4. says

    as nobody answer me I made some research directily to Banksy official site and this is the reply message I received :)

    Thanks for taking the time to write to Banksy, who is currently too busy doing charity work/helping the sick/drunk out of his mind* to reply in person.
    The work in the image isn’t by Banksy.
    Regards and good wishes

    *Delete where applicable

    On 5 Oct 2012, at 04:41, isabella wrote:

    Was it your work?↓ If not, I wonder if there are something of your graffiti in Tokyo.

    Wish you a great day

    • says

      Thanks, Isabella. And apologies for not replying. The general consensus seemed to be that it wasn’t a Banksy, but it’s good to have it confirmed.

      Cheers again for making the effort!

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