A nationalist spouting the usual bile near Shibuya Station

Different generation. Hugely different times. But the hateful nonsense remains exactly the same.

Japanese nationalist


  1. Martin says

    We still have a few here that think the US is a WASP nation. Some people never grow up.

    • says

      Unfortunately they have never gone away, but yeah, they do seem intent on making the most of the island disputes. Happy to say that once again, I was the only one taking any interest in them!

  2. Stephanie says

    Would be nice if that island disappeared / got wiped out by natural forces someday…

    • y0te says

      Yeah, we should shut everyone up that says things we don’t like. Maybe we could round them up and shoot them. /sarcasm

      • cybersekkin says

        Voltaire is right on this… I may not like the vile crap they are spouting but will defend their right to spout it. Even when I am the damn foreigner they hate so badly.

      • says

        Yes, freedom of speech is only ok when we hear things we want to hear!

        All joking aside, however, while all opinions have the right to be voiced, others should also have the right not to be subjected to them. These fellas, with their speakers turned up to the max, don’t allow that.

        • y0te says

          I can agree to an extent with your position that they are a bit overwhelming in their presentation.

          I only really took issue with the idea of bringing anyone “to heel”.

          Stepping away from politics. I love your photos; been lurking for years.

          • says

            Yes, as much as I despise what they say, and everything they stand for, they have as much right as anybody to voice their opinions. With the way things are going, I just hope we won’t end up hearing a lot more from them…

            Thanks a lot. Very kind of you to say so.

            • AV says

              This freedom of speech thing is certainly a test of endurance ! I keep telling myself that the right to free speech is not a right to be heard, and even less a right to be heeded. I can’t think of any better way to enforce my preference – if not necessarily a right – to peace…

  3. Mauro says

    Actually, I’m kinda curious about what that guy was saying? What words did he use to try to capture people’s attention? (I’m not in favour of it, just curious)

    • says

      Generally it’s all about a return to an ideal that never existed along with patriotism and the emperor. Plus heavy doses of anti-communism, anti-Americanism and territorial disputes.

  4. Tom O. says

    Wow. When I saw your photo I thought it was some kind of performance piece recreating Mishima’s speech before his suicide. Some things never change.

    • says

      A few people have mentioned Mishima in relation to this photo. Not something I though of when I first took it.

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