A mouse on the loose getting a lot of looks in Ginza

Along with the obligatory shopping, Tokyo’s upmarket Ginza district invariably offers a wealth of sights, all the way from families having a fun day out, to dogs whizzing about in remote controlled cars.

A mouse on the loose, however, is a rarity, although unlike its larger cousins it didn’t garner disgust — rather a good few fans.

a mouse in Ginza, Tokyo

Plus the now standard phone photos.

a mouse in Ginza, Tokyo

And for this little girl, complete and utter fascination.

a mouse in Ginza, Tokyo


  1. Martin says

    That’s funny. One doesn’t expect to see a mouse outside in daylight. I wonder if it was a pet that escaped.

    • says

      I know. I’ve seen plenty of rats out and about in Tokyo, but this was the first mouse.

      The first thing I thought was an escaped pet, but being in Ginza, that’s a bit unlikely. Poor thing nearly got trodden on a few times just in the few minutes I was there. Hard to see it surviving long…

  2. says

    In almost 5 years, I have never seen a mouse in Tokyo. Even rats are quite a rare sight. So… a mouse in Ginza? With all those cats and people around? Yes, probably dropped from a bag or more likely… somebody just playing with his pet? Wouldn’t be the first time it happens in Ginza :)

    • says

      Same here, although I’ve seen a few rats. One of them was in a bar!

      That’s a good point. A dropped pet seems likely. But at the same time, it was managing ok. Didn’t seem fazed by its surrounding either.

  3. leinad says

    From the perspective of a person living in America, the little mouse caused such a surprising scene.

  4. Hande says

    Really so cute ^_^ I would like to take pictures of this mouse too.I liked those photos ♥

  5. Jaska says

    Judging by the spots on the various tiles and the position of the mouse compared to them the mouse didn’t seem to move much at all, that’s a bit surprising. If it is a ‘wild beast’ (as in not-a-pet) I would have thought that it would run for it’s life. Especially when people came closer to take the pictures. Either we have a super cool-dude mouse or it is a pet, thus used to people. Hmmm.. or maybe just a lab ‘rat’.

    • says

      Prior to taking these pictures, it was running about. Almost getting itself killed due to all the pedestrians. Then it found that spot where a drink or something had been spilt. Once there it basically stopped for a meal. But like you say, it wasn’t phased by all the people at all. Very unusual.

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