A modern Japanese girl at a far more traditional festival

Japanese festivals attract all kinds of people, but the annual Tori-no-Ichi celebration at Shinjuku’s Hanazono Shrine is something else. Situated right by Kabukicho, Tokyo’s largest red light district, it attracts hosts and hostesses, plus a far less appealing but equally large number of yakuza and their ilk. A heady mix that means pointing one’s camera is best done with discretion, but at the same time, the results of doing so can definitely be worth it.

modern Japanese girl


  1. Alissa says

    I love this! Another great look into how Japan is SUCH a mix if old and new culture. Great shot!

    • says

      Lovely shot. Quite a character eh?

      To be honest I don’t mind shooting in and around Kabukicho, but that festival attracts an awful lot of dodgy types. Many of whom I really wouldn’t want to upset…

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