A maiko rushing to an appointment in Gion

Her appearance may well be very different. The line of work more traditional. But this young maiko’s slightly panicked dash to an appointment was strangely reminiscent of so many stressed out salaried workers daily routines

Gion maiko


  1. Martin says

    Love the dark look of this photo. Not sure if the circumstances merit it though. Lol.

    • says

      Yes, very true!

      I wanted to try and get a different type of maiko or geisha shot, and that dark side street seemed to offer a good chance. My aim was to focus on the make up/paint on the back of her neck, and luckily just about managed it. Her dash didn’t make it easy though!

      • Calissaja says

        Love this! For me it’s perfect because they scare me slightly in a clown-type way. I always seem to be in one of those side streets when one clacks out of a doorway behind me or launches herself in front of my bike. And re. the photo itself, so many photos concentrate on the face or the vivid colours (inc. mine!), so this is much more interesting for me and really captures the feeling of movement and urgency. They’re fast little buggers!

        • says

          Thank you very much. That means a lot from somebody who lives there and isn’t a tourist like me. I can understand what you mean about the clown-like element too, especially down those dark alleyways. And yes, they are fast!

  2. Willy says

    No doubt a dash somewhat retarded by the unathletic design of the garb and footwear…

      • Willy says

        I suppose one would get used to it, not that I am in the running for becoming or jogging as a maiko, Or in any position to be running after one, with camera, to which once again, you have displayed your inimitable verve.

    • says

      Thank you very much. That’s really kind of you.

      Yeah, got to agree there, which means I have to find more narrow streets/alleyways. Either that or hang around more in the ones I already know!

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