A kimono wearing girl’s wishes

What she wrote is a mystery. Equally unknown is whether it will come true or not. But what is certain is that she was giving it a tremendous amount of thought.



  1. winnie says

    Nice shot! I love the girl’s expression. So cute!! :)
    Did she know the lady on her left is looking on her Ema?

      • says

        The original Athenian Democracy had one thing right: if a person wanted to run for office he was automatically disqualified. :-)
        My wife is allowed to vote, last time she voted DPJ as they promised change but after they turned out to be just as incompetent as the LDP, there is simply not a party deserving a vote, she tells me. I read “Straitjacket Society: An Insider’s Irreverent View of Bureaucratic Japan” by Masao Miyamoto and, although it is 17 years old, it describes that the power in Japan is held by the bureaucrats and indeed one of the promises of the DPJ was to break the power of the bureaucrats. The failed miserably, but kudos for trying. See here for the book: http://www.amazon.com/Straitjacket-Society-Insiders-Irreverent-Bureaucratic/dp/4770018487

        • says

          Cheers for the link. Sounds like an interesting read.

          Sadly I can’t disagree with your wife. There’s a depressing lack of choice. Or at least a choice that could actually change things for the better. Not having a vote often frustrates me, but this time I don’t think I’d cast one even if I had the chance. A sorry state of affairs for sure…

          • Willy says

            It seems that the older a ‘democratic’ country gets, the more and more redundant its governmental system becomes. Would be good if someone could come up with an antidote for that. Or any other aging process for that matter…

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