A Japanese dad, his baby and a very bad idea

Countless Japanese kids are whisked around Tokyo on seat-equipped bicycles. An efficient custom that is often quicker than using a car. Far more environmentally friendly, too.

The only problem is that many parent’s neglect to put helmets on their passengers β€” the possible repercussions of which don’t even bear thinking about. And yet even that practice is positively sensible compared to what this father deems acceptable.



  1. Martin says

    It looks like you were in the right place to show photographic evidence of “human Intelligence” being a contradictory term.

    • says

      That’s the perfect description of it…

      Clearly he wasn’t impressed by me taking his photo, but as doubtful as it is, it’d be nice to think he was shamed into rethinking his actions.

  2. Joy says

    Baby doesn’t look too thrilled. Man, that gives me a terrible thought, like what if it isn’t his baby…

    • says

      No, it wasn’t very pleased at all, although I never even considered it not being his. A possibility best not thought about really…

  3. says

    Yeah, what can I say, the guy certainly hasn’t thought twice about the dangers into which he puts his kid. Maybe you taking this photo makes him think a little more.

    • says

      It’d be really nice if it does/did. His angry look certainly suggested he knew he was doing something dangerous.

  4. MrSatyre says

    Reminds me of the asshat jogging down the shoulder of a busy county highway while pushing his baby in a stroller. And today there was the clown jogging on a busy two-lane road that had no shoulder at all thanks to heavy snow.

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