A hint of old Tokyo under the tracks in Ueno

Tokyo’s Ueno district has its fair share of modern buildings and neon lights, but on the whole it has a wonderfully gritty, even grubby feel to it. A worn, somewhat frayed round the edges look that is often reflected in the people who spend time there.

But under the tracks a real hint of old Tokyo is added to the rough and ready mix. A link to the past that the shadows and yakitori smoke only add to.



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          Ah, I’m with you. Didn’t pick up on that!

          I actually looked up some images as I haven’t seen the film for a long long time, and surprisingly there was a resemblance. Well, at least a passing one.

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    You ought to write a photo book “The real Tokyo” and it’ll sell like hotcakes!
    I’m so sick and tired of the touristy and business side of Tokyo, and I bet there are plenty like me who want to see what’s left of the real Tokyo before the Olympics flatten everything and turn it into the same concrete and glass wasteland as has happened already in so many places in Tokyo. I visited Ebisu last autumn and it was horrible!

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      I really hope the fears about the Olympic ‘clean-up’ are unfounded. So-called progress has already robbed the city of a lot of its character. Just like Ebisu. Admittedly it has the photography museum, but otherwise it’s a sanitised, completely soulless place. Not my idea of Tokyo at all…

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          No, not much in that area. There used to be a fairly interesting walk from there to Shibuya along the tracks. Lots of interesting graffiti/urban art. But sadly most of that has gone now.

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    Wow, reminds me of Riga, Latvia where I’ve once been. It also has a lot of posh look with the neons and new houses, but sometimes you need to turn around a single corner to get this feel of ragged, but very human environment. Great pic!

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      Yes, like many areas, getting away from the main streets can open a whole other, and far more interesting, world.

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