A (foreign?) head on a stick

It’s not all that unusual for farmers to fashion scarecrows from mannequin heads and a few old clothes — a look that can be both surprisingly convincing as well as suitably scary.

Others, however, are either not so creative or simply can’t be bothered, and instead just make do by shoving a head on a stick.

Japanese scarecrow


  1. john says

    If it’s just to deter birds rather than trespassers, I’d think that birds can’t be that stupid
    to confuse this with a real person, but then they might be more put off by the
    Rothko in the background and prefer something a bit more (Hiroshi) Matsumo?
    Nice hairstyle for nesting material too.

    • says

      Maybe, but while I don’t want to do them a disservice, I’m not sure that birds are all that concerned with whether it’s a Rothko or Matsumo-like background!

    • says

      Yeah, I’m not convinced they work either. Hopefully though there’ll be robots to clean apartments and cook before they move on to bird scaring!

  2. winnie says

    This is frightening!
    It might scare away the Human beings (at least it’s scare me) but not the Birds.
    Nowadays, the birds are getting smarter..

    • says

      It’s a bit disturbing, isn’t it? But yeah, I’m pretty sure the birds are smart enough to know it’s not real.

  3. Jeffrey says

    “Foreigner”? Nah. Looks like a salon model head catering to hosts or visual kei band members. I mean, look at the yellow lipstick.

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