A cat wearing a kimono as well as a wig

Taking a cat for a walk is one thing, but making it wear a kimono and a wig is another altogether. A truly preposterous affair that, judging by its expression, the feline seemed all too aware of.

cat wearing a kimono


  1. Taki says

    Hey, cute cat and all but didn’t you get hit with a bunch of snow? Where’s that?



    • says

      We did, but that was Monday. Took this on Saturday in Ginza when the weather was much more accommodating!

  2. Avalon says

    This is why I love Tokyo! You sometimes encounter things that you would only imagine to see in a Mamoru Oshii anime (and by that I don’t mean all the pretentious, self-loving cosplayers). I also like the stark contrast of the intricate kimono and the owner just wearing a plain bomber jacket.

    • says

      Yes, you really don’t know what’s round the next corner. And I totally agree. He certainly seems to care more about his cat’s outfit than his own.

  3. Ken C says

    Great picture Lee but is the cat cross with having to wear the costume or is it just the typical feline response to you? You definitely have that effect on them!

    • says


      Very true! I’d like to think it was just the outfit, but yeah, probably a combination of the two…

    • says

      Yeah. The kimono is the first thing that you notice, but I think it’s the cat’s expression that makes the photo.

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