A cat and a captured butterfly

The cat below was happily trying to catch butterflies — or at least it was until I turned up. My mere presence causing it to stop, give me a dirty look, and then set off somewhere else.

Japanese cat

But, while departing in the most disgruntled manner it could muster, it must have been even more disappointed, as it was me who ended up bagging a butterfly. Admittedly not a big one. And by no other reason than sheer luck. But it was a butterfly nonetheless.

Japanese cat


  1. Awad A. says

    Nice story and shots, I think all are winners except the cat. But, yet again, the cat probably goes hunting everyday.

  2. says

    Love the first photo, Lee. Lovely indeed.
    I wonder if the cat hunts butterfly for survival or merely pleasure :D… Don’t think one butterfly could feed a cat :D…

    • says

      Thank you!

      Yes, must be for pleasure. Not sure if it’s a stray or not, but it’s always in the same spot of a park I pass through quite a lot. If it is though, it looks nice and healthy. Maybe the odd butterfly does help then!

  3. winnie says

    The cat looked so disappointed and annoyed too.
    I like the 1st picture as it’s expression is so funny!!
    Although Cats are playful, I would love to have one as a pet. (My apartment no pet allowed :( )

    Thank you for sharing these 2 lovely pictures!!

      • Ken C says

        Cats really give you odd looks Lee. I visited Gokukuji last week and the cats were relatively friendly (well, compared with yours anyway)

        • says

          I know. Each and every one of them gives me a dirty look at the very least. They can obviously tell I’m not a cat lover!

    • says

      Cheers Jason. Must admit I’m not a cat fan as I have a terrible allergic reaction to them, but they are great to photograph.

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