A bleak Tokyo playground?

It’s often said that kids should play outside more instead of staying cooped up in front of a computer screen. But sometimes, given their options, they are probably better off staying put.

sad Tokyo playground


  1. Evan says

    Are you sure this is a playground? That inward leaning barbed wire and the sign on the fence that probably reads “危険 電気柵” makes me think otherwise. 😉

    • says

      Nah, definitely a playground. There were a few more of those animals dotted about and a set of swings. No kids though…

  2. Iwao Yamamoto says

    Umm, kids may be better off staying cooped up in front of the computers. But not all the parks in Tokyo are such bleak ones. Kids do find their own playgrounds themselves I think.

    • says

      Yes, that’s very true. In fact some of Tokyo’s parks are beautiful. In urban areas though, many of them aren’t too dissimilar to the one in the photo.

  3. GenjiG says

    It is a sad place… Somehow it reminds me of the playground Tengo from 1q84 sits waiting, looking for Aomame.

        • says

          Hmm, heard that. Glad to hear it’s still worth reading though. Read all his other books, and still enjoyed the weaker stuff.

          • GenjiG says

            Same here, something is just special about all his books!

            If you like Haruki Murakami you should also try Coin Locker Babies from Ryu Murakami. Another strange but captivating book.

              • says

                I’ve read a few of the Ryu Murakami books, I would say I do prefer Haruki Murakami’s book as the weirdness in the latter is less disturbing than the weirdness in the former. I had to put Piercing by Ryu Murakami away as it was just too creepy. :-)
                I did enjoy 1q84 quite a lot, actually but I didn’t understand why we had to wait such a long time for an English translation. In the end I bought the Dutch version instead of waiting another 6 months, the dutch translation was pretty good actually.

                • GenjiG says

                  The Dutch versions are often better then the English translations. This is especially true for The Wind-up Bird Chronicle. In my opinion his best book.

  4. Willy says

    Tres bizarre! Kids should get into photography if thats what on the table! Well, you knew that…

  5. says

    I never understood why so many of the playgrounds and even the parks in most cities in Japan have to be these dreary places, no wonder they are always empty, better turn them into a car park, quick. (Sarcasm intended)

    • says

      I know. You’d think having gone to the trouble of actually providing a park, they’d at least make it slightly appealing. More than anything though, it’s the concrete ‘slides’ that always fascinate me. A truly baffling concept.

  6. says

    As dreary an unappealing as the park is, I note the wear on the whatever-it-is-supposed-to-be animal in the center. Seems it has had its share of kids playing on it.

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