A beautiful but final autumn flourish?

It has been a wonderfully lengthy autumn in Tokyo, but this could well be a final flourish before it gets considerably colder and brown becomes the all-encompassing colour.

Japanese autumn colors


  1. says

    Beautiful shot Lee. I love the pastel colours and crisp outline of that single maple leaf. This could easily be used for some sort of product advertisement or background for something :).

    • says

      Thanks a lot Michael. Flowers and leaves aren’t really my thing, but I was really pleased the way this one came out. The light and colors were beautiful, so it was nice to be able to capture at least some of it.

    • says

      Oh, that’s interesting. Not something I’d even considered to be honest. There again, that’s exactly why I love the notion of wabi-sabi. So personal, and utterly impossible to pinpoint.

  2. Taki says

    Autumn??笑 It’s Dec. 21st here and although a strange 10 degrees Celsius here in Canada, the leaves are a distant memory

    • says

      I guess it’s officially winter, but there are still quite a few autumn colours to be seen. Still pretty mild too. Although it probably won’t be for long.

  3. says

    It’s a lovely picture!!!!

    May I ask you the permission to use it as a reference photo for a watercolr? it will suit perfectly for the scope!

    Of course I will give your credentials if I will put the watercolour on the net!

    If you agree could you please advice me by email (if I am asking too much, please forgive me) and Merry Xmas!

    • says


      Of course you can. I’m away at the moment, but I’ll mail you when I get back. If I forget, please get in touch.

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