A night on the tiles in Shinjuku?

With its red light district, shops and seemingly endless selection of bars and eateries, Shinjuku really does seem to have something for everyone. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also a destination that’s incredibly easy to get to, situated as it is by the world’s busiest train station; a staggering 3.5 million travellers or so passing through there everyday.

Some of whom use it as a place to head out from, whereas others end up using it as a place to get their head down.

Shinjuku Station

Fugu death

Due to its highly toxic nature, Fugu (or pufferfish) has become one of Japan’s most infamous and well known delicacies. A danger that in many ways isn’t exaggerated either, as 23 people have died after eating it in the last decade or so.

What isn’t recorded, however, is that fugu die too. Sometimes in lonely, but also very public, places.

Fugu (pufferfish) death

Shichi-Go-San shadows

For Japanese children, the practice of Shichi-Go-San is both a rite of passage and the first time many of them will have worn traditional clothing. But casually walking about in his hakama, this young lad looked like he’d been wearing one for a length of time almost as long as his shadow.