Tokyo festival emotions

There are several drawbacks to summer in Tokyo. There’s the heat and awful humidity. Not to mention the millions of mosquitos. But, there are at least a few pluses — first and foremost of which are festivals. Boisterous, full-blooded affairs, that as well as being a lot of fun, also allow people to fully express their emotions.

Tokyo festival

A different downtown Tokyo

Away from the neon lights and busy crossings that have seemingly come to define central Tokyo, there’s another, very different side to the city. One that is quieter, older and an awful lot slower.

Japanese old people

Tokyo Times summer slow down

From today, I shall be leaving these incredibly hot and humid shores for the much cooler climes of not so sunny Manchester. A month long trip that will result in Tokyo Times seeing a similar slow down. So, instead of the usual 4 or 5 posts a week, there’ll be a far more summery 2 — on Mondays and Thursdays — until I return towards the end of August.

A relatively long period of time which may result in me missing a few things, but one of them certainly won’t be this sensation.

Tokyo park in the summer

A very furtive Japanese photographer

For me, street photography is all about shooting people as they really are, not how they are in front of a camera. So, in a bid to achieve this, I try to be as discreet as possible — an approach that sometimes works, and sometimes doesn’t.

This man, on the other hand, seems intent on not only cutting out the chances of being caught, but also of actually being out on the street itself.

Tokyo street photographer

Rainy season prayers answered?

After an admittedly long wait, this priest’s prayers have been answered, and the official end of rainy season was announced yesterday. But that said, he’d better hold on to his umbrella, or at least make another call, as more rain is forecast — both today and tomorrow.

Japanese priest in the rain