Underground Asakusa?

Tokyo’s subway system is as clean and efficient as its highly praised cousin above ground. So much so in fact that it results in a rather sterile, characterless environment. One invariably made even more tedious by painfully long walks down practically indistinguishable passageways.

This exit in Asakusa, on the other hand, is arguably the exception to the rule. Yes, it smells. Plus its crumbling walls aren’t exactly appealing. But all together it’s a combination that arguably gives it something that the rest of the network is crying out for — a bit of character.

Asakusa subway

The world’s most wondrous wig(s)?

In a country that places such a great importance on appearance, it’s surprising how many salary men sport truly shocking wigs. Hairpieces that are often so obvious it can only be assumed that the wearers eyesight has faded as much as their follicles.

Yet for their own — not to mention other commuters — convenience, thankfully none of them are as ludicrous as this wonderfully large creation.

amazing Japanese wig

Tokyo train drunk

It’s not unusual at all to see train travellers in Tokyo either utterly worn out from work, or worse for wear from one too many. This fella, however, was so tired after a tipple or ten that even the seat was an unsteady step too far.

drunk Japanese salary man on a train