Japanese fashion: East unconventionally meets West

Despite Japan’s obsession with conformity, when it comes to fashion, there are a good number of people who defiantly have nothing to do with such deference. Bold individuals who, whether one likes what they wear or not, brighten up the day with their creativity, or even courage.

Like this young lady for example, unconventionally combining East and West to construct her own, very distinct look.

Shibuya fashion kimono

Tokyo’s childless streets?

When walking round Tokyo’s entertainment districts, or struggling once again to get on a horribly packed train, it’s hard to imagine that the country’s population is getting smaller. Yet shrinking it most certainly is, with fewer kids and more old people tipping the country towards a worrying imbalance.

A demographic shift that could well result in more scenes like this — one that offers us a look back into the past, as well as forward into an uncertain future.

Japanese side street