iPad for everybody?

When the iPhone was first released in Japan, it really wasn’t that popular — apart from with fanboys and the foreign community that is. Then, a price drop coupled with an ‘iPhone for everybody’ campaign changed everything, and ‘app’ was suddenly the new watchword. A noticeable shift that meant by the time the iPhone 4 came out, interest and orders were intense.

The iPad, on the other hand, seems to have been popular from the get-go, yet until the recent release of the iPad 2, they weren’t all that noticeable out in the wild as it were. Now, however, they seem to everywhere: in cafes, on the train and also on the street — blurring the line between function, and fashion.

Japanese woman with an iPad

Hello Kitty carrying case?

Seeing a cat carrying case left by the road was surprising in itself. Even more unexpected, however, was finding a phenomenally famous feline inside it.

Hello Kitty carrying case

And despite its lack of features, it somehow managed to look suitably forlorn.

Hello Kitty carrying case

Tokyo summer sunbathers

Suddenly it’s incredibly hot with humidity up to the max, suggesting that summer, in all its sizzling and sweaty glory, is now in situ. And with setsuden (or saving electricity) the region’s new mantra, to say it’s going to be uncomfortable is akin to saying that Tokyo is a tad busy.

But it’s not bad news for everyone. Far from it in fact. Because for some, setsuden is an irrelevance, as summer means only one thing: sunbathing.

sunbathing in Tokyo

This post was featured in Hot fun in the summertime 2.

The journey of a homeless man in Tokyo

It is easy to moan about rainy season, but it’s really not that bad when you can go home, get shelter and dry off. Something that Tokyo’s surprisingly large number of homeless obviously can’t do; a population that continues to grow, yet still gets barely any coverage.

Meaning who these people are, and how they got there, seems to be of little importance, even though it’s a journey that surely shouldn’t be necessary.

Tokyo homeless man in Shinjuku