Kimono donned dawdle

Even on a weekday it would seem, going for a saunter in one’s Sunday best is a fair amount of fun. Plus, when the togs are as tasteful and traditional as these, really rather fetching too.

Japanese kimono

Japanese restaurant rumbles

One of the benefits — apart from beer — of eating at one of Tokyo’s tremendous number of izakaya or the like is sharing a phenomenally varied selection of food, all the way from the good to the gristle.

Or at least it used to be as, with a sizeable number of salary men now worried about losing their job or suffering salary cuts, rumours have become rife about a disturbing new trend involving many people acting in a mercenary manner in regards to the menu. A practice that apparently reached a pinnacle of sorts last week, when an unnamed engineer on a night out with a group of vegetarians, is said to have ordered nothing but animal-based offerings and then had the temerity to tackle the tofu.

And, in fad and indeed food obsessed Tokyo, this disturbing new development has already started to make inroads with this rapidly renamed restaurant.

Japanese restaurant

The love boat — literally

The current worldwide economic slump and Japan’s prolonged post-bubble predicament have hurt at least some of the nation’s large number of love hotels, with more than a few having to unfortunately pack in proceedings prematurely. A fate that rather sadly befell the previously featured and regal sounding Royal and Queen — businesses whose blue blood boasts weren’t enough to combat the wilting of the economy, or indeed their customers.

Yet for many others, however, it has surprisingly been something of a boom time of sorts, with the likes of the Queen’s Bali managing to vigourously thrust through the wild waves of financial uncertainty.

Japanese love hotel

And at the same time consummately beat off any bottled-up concerns.

Japanese love hotel

Happily coming out of the whole sticky mess bigger and bolder than ever.

Japanese love hotel

Resulting in a vessel that despite the stiff competition, is positively awash with seamen.

Japanese love hotel

So to speak.

Swine flu wary wieners?

In the not too distant past, pork-based treats boasting little piggy looks were not only cute, but called for.

cute Japanese food

Now, however, with pig flu panic a mainstay of the Japanese media, openly promoting the pork in one’s product is probably not exactly prudent.

cute Japanese food

Either that, or a soupcon of seal and a pinch of penguin are seen as necessary to mask the main ingredient.

cute Japanese food

Tokyo fishing fun?

Fishing for many, myself included, appears to involve lots of hanging around with hardly anything to do; however, in a city as crowded and covered in concrete as Tokyo, its positives are possibly more apparent.

As, not only is simply hanging about far better than the usual hustle and bustle,

Fishing in Tokyo

but it also allows practitioners to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet away from other people,

Fishing in Tokyo

and at the same time spend some much needed ‘me time’ with mother nature.

Fishing in Tokyo