Tokyo’s sizeable security?

Despite what the Japanese media and the nation’s ever-increasing number of security companies would have us believe, Japan is still an incredibly safe place to live, with bicycle theft probably the biggest burden many will be bothered by.

A situation that luckily allows people to be more than a little blasé about their belongings, leading to bags and the like seen confidently uncared for in coffee shops, and even cars containing keys left casually in car parks. In fact, even the aforementioned companies calling on us to be more careful are often equally indifferent in regards to deterrents as, despite being concerned about incarceration and far from fleet of foot, if caught doing something dodgy I’d be decidedly confident of outdoing this defender in a dash.

Japanese security guard

Terriers, tykes and tortoises

Perhaps due to Japan’s continued love affair with pint-sized pooches that are proudly paraded around in all kinds of apparel, little kids are largely comfortable around canines, particularly when playing in the paradise that is the park. However, swap a terrier for a tortoise, and things can be very different, with fear initially far more to the fore.

Tortoise in Tokyo

Which slowly fades to fascination.

Tortoise in Tokyo

Not that fear is ever far away.

Tortoise in Tokyo

Finally resulting in a just about sustainable fearful but still fascinated stalemate.

Tortoise in Tokyo

Random Japanese people #10

Tokyo’s dazzling — or indeed dismaying — number of department stores means that the capital’s cramped but far from characterless old-style shopping streets are fast disappearing or falling into disrepair, so it’s decidedly nice to occasionally see someone who’s not a septuagenarian shopping there.

Japanese girl

Even if the history and hawkers can’t be heard through the headphones.

The road to reader or rail recogniser?

The library may well have once been the location of learning for many, but with the likes of video games and the internet vying for the average Tokyo teen’s time, any reason to bother with books is rapidly receding, resulting in increasingly radical attempts to reel in reticent readers.

Japanese bullet train library

But, while bullet train buildings bulging with books may well recruit a reasonable number of people to the unrivalled pleasures of reading,

Japanese bullet train library

it’s probably more than likely that such a locomotive-based library will instead turn these tots into timetable toting train otaku,

Japanese bullet train library

rather than testing tome tacklers.

Japanese bullet train library

These boots are made for walking

Or at least they were once as, just like everywhere else in the world on a Sunday it would seem, somebody, somewhere in Tokyo, tentatively wakes up after way more than one too many wondering where on earth one shoe is.

Japanese shoe

A body to die for?

It’s difficult to know exactly what kind of body those trying out Japan’s latest dietary tablets desire, but one can probably hazard a guess that they’ll be hankering after one that’s, ahem, heavenly.

Jesus Body

(click image for jumbo-sized Jesus Body)