Not so coy carp?

Considering that committed koi carp collectors are prepared to cough up colossal amounts of cash for a colourful cyprinid that is apparently perfect, it still seems slightly strange to come across their less cared for cousins casually wallowing about in the wild.

And, while they may lack copybook colourings or even cuteness, they still possess a considerable amount of character.

Japanese koi

(click photo for full-sized fish)

Japanese workers working #9

With Japan’s seemingly insatiable desire for both souvenirs and snacks, fancy or indeed unfathomable foodstuffs are far from lacking in locales deemed desirable for day-trippers. And, on Enoshima island at least, octopus parts pressed into prodigious disc-shaped delectables appear particularly popular.

As indeed is the process needed to produce them, which is sweaty,

Japanese snacks


Japanese snacks

and sometimes even sultry.

Japanese snacks

Cherry blossom beginnings

With this year’s cherry blossom now beginning to bloom, Tokyo’s disciplined deportment will take a brief but well earned break from the weekend, and the city will abound with outdoor boozing, bellowing and bawdiness.

But for now at least, it’s mostly tea and toddler-based tranquility.

cherry blossom

A fake food field day

For any Japanese restaurant owner worth his salt, or perhaps more importantly is subtle with it, Kappabashi-dori in the capital’s Taito-ku is a must see sector of the city.


An area where, as well as offering the kind of welcome one could only dream of,

Japanese plastic food

possesses enough promotional plastic provender to cover all kinds of cuisine,

Japanese plastic food

all the way from the time-honoured,

Japanese plastic food

to Italian.

Japanese plastic food

With an added fondness for floating forks apparently the area’s forte.

Japanese plastic food

Although that’s not to say it’s only models of menus on offer, as there’s also everything else required for readying a restaurant, including the obligatory bowls,

Japanese plastic food

and blades.

Japanese knives

Plus that all important necessity for any new eatery, and one that’s both tasteful and a talking point, a Teutonic knight,

Japanese plastic food

or two.

Japanese plastic food

Sapporo-based sweets

With 24-hour convenience stores camped out on practically every corner, and booze-bearing vending machines almost as mainstream, those with an endless longing for lager need never be left lacking.

However, when work gets in the way of being wasted, or there are worries about one’s well-being, there’s thankfully some comforting confectionary to quieten any uncomfortable cravings, whether it be through a soothing suck,

Japanese beer candy

or some manic mastication.

Japanese beer candy