Tokyo drug deal?

Presumably due to Japan’s zero tolerance approach in its dealings with drugs, booze has long been the accepted choice for both recreation and relaxation.

Japanese drunk

Of late, however, marijuana has started to make some well publicised appearances, with movie stars, students and more sensationally sumo wrestlers getting picked up for possession.

Events that have resulted in a mass of media coverage and concerns about cannabis being a ‘gateway’ drug. A worry that, whether warranted or not, may actually be way too late anyway, as it would appear that the gateway has long been breached, and far stronger substances are now openly promoting participation.

Japanese drugs?


Tokyo zoo zeal

Just like the many arguments for and against zoos, Japan’s collection of enclosures covers the whole gamut, from the good to the ghastly.

However, regardless of each menagerie’s merits, safety measures have to made in case a beast breaks through its barriers. So, if this rhino suddenly gets angry about not being able to roam around in a realistic setting,

a rhino

it’s nice to know that well practiced precautions are in place.

But that said, while not wanting to be too critical about the video below, the facsimile in the footage is not exactly fast.

Or indeed fearsome.

(big thanks to Branden for the link)

Japanese kiddie cosplay

When it comes to Japan’s colossal number of cosplay converts, there would appear to be a few different techniques for complementing the customary costume.

For starters, an amazingly moulded mane is more often than not a mainstay.

Japanese cosplay

A method that is often melded with meticulously applied make-up

Japanese cosplay

But that said, for a minority at least, minimalism is mindbogglingly the mantra.

Japanese cosplay

Although to be fair, the young fella featured deserves at least some credit for making his previous creation now seem measured — mainstream even.

(image via the FG Forums)

Random Japanese people #5

Or in this case, random Japanese men. And even more specifically, salary men — sort of.

Each of the four young fellas looking at you.

Japanese man

And me.

Japanese man

Maybe both you and me.

Japanese man

Or more than likely merely just a mobile.

Japanese man

And me.

Tokyo lingerie love?

With such an importance placed on appearance in Tokyo, it’s perhaps understandable that there are so many salons in the city; however, as a man with a shaved head and looks only a mother could love, such beauty and bouffant-related businesses are certainly not places to either seek out or support.

Well, until now that is.

As, while admittedly straying somewhat from the more standard set of services, this lively looking ‘lingerie salon’ (ランジェリーサロン) would appear to offer a fella looking to feel refreshed somewhere far more fun to frequent.

Japanese lingerie club

Although facials and closely shaven shenanigans are probably particularly pricey.

Japanese workers working #5

With the Japanese capital not exactly blessed with a glut of greenery or gardens, those with a penchant for planting things often have to go about their business as best as they can.

Plus, as the city’s population continues to rise — which at present it is doing at a faster pace than once foreseen — farmers tilling away in western Tokyo may well become just as unfamiliar, with cultivation giving way to accommodation.

farming in Tokyo

Along with those doing the digging slowly dying off.

farming in Tokyo