Fun Japanese food

With kawaii being Japan’s all-conquering king — converting anything and everything to the cute and cuddly — it’s perhaps not surprising to now see food getting the, erm, ‘fun’ treatment.

And, in this particular case, not only does it add a certain perkiness to the product, but it also perfectly explains what animal one will be eating.

cute Japanese food

But somewhat forced cynicism aside, as cute goes, they do, it has to be said, have a certain something.

cute Japanese food

Although there again, next week’s supposed special of spotted dick could be a very different story altogether.

Random Japanese people #3

Young Japanese females with a love of the latest fashion are admittedly fairly easy on the eyes, although at the same time they aren’t exactly few and far between — or especially daring in regards to being different in what they don.

young Japanese woman

Old Japanese blokes with beards on the other hand are noticeably lacking in numbers, and indeed desirability, but at the same time they could be said to have considerably more character.

old Japanese man

Or even charisma.

Nice and noticeable Japanese nipples

Considering that it’s now winter in Tokyo and so not exactly warm, one could be forgiven for thinking that nipple enhancers are be a bit unnecessary — if indeed they are warranted whatever the weather.

However, that apparently isn’t the case, as these plastic protrusions have now gone from a mere fashion fad,

Japanese nipples

to a feisty, pheromone infusing feature.

Japanese nipples

A product that, at least according to the packaging, is big in America.

Presumably quite literally.

(click images for full-sized pheromones)

Creative Tokyo accommodation

Small houses and a lack of space are often talked about in relation to Tokyo, but in reality, most of the city’s modern homes are more than merely habitable, even if they do lack a little in looks, and indeed life-span.

Tokyo house

Plus, while the capital’s infamous lack of land along with its cost can cause a considerable amount of compromise, it is also capable of occasionally conjuring up an amazing amount of imagination.

unusual Tokyo house

Meaning that the constraints of a compact corner can actually be used creatively, adding a dash of monochrome,

unusual Tokyo house

along with some almost monolith-like melodrama to a plot of land perhaps previously deemed impractical.

unusual Tokyo house

And, although it doesn’t boast much in the way of privacy,

unusual Tokyo house

it luckily doesn’t lack light.

unusual Tokyo house

(click images for double-sized domicile)

Japanese workers working #2

The promotion of pachinko parlours — or indeed a plethora of other pastimes — by handing out tissue paper and holding up placards may well be worthwhile, or at the very least not just a wearisome waste of time.

However, for those people picked out for such purposes, the only possible pleasure can presumably be packing an iPod.

Tokyo worker

And, at the same time, desperately praying that the battery doesn’t pack in.