Dangerously delivered dinner

Sometimes, and especially at this time of year, whether it be due to too much booze, the bad weather, or basically not being able to be bothered, having a decent meal delivered is an equally decent idea.

And if one does, it may well arrive on one of these rather ramshackle,

Tokyo delivery bike

but at the same time strangely beguiling bikes.

Tokyo delivery bike

Contraptions whose ability to balance full to the brim bowls round busy streets is unfathomably fascinating, with their precious parcels often appearing precarious,

Tokyo delivery bike

yet happily always horizontal.

Tokyo delivery bike

(click images for bigger bowl-bearing bikes)

Tranquil time out #38

At this time of year, relaxing around a roaring open fire whilst roasting chestnuts may well be considered traditional, if a little trite.

Yet despite the absence of nuts, and indeed Nat King Cole, convening instead around a comfortingly old kettle isn’t necessarily too bad a trade.

Traditional Japanese cooking

Plus it keeps the cliché encouragingly complete.

Worn Japanese wigs

An unscientific but still somewhat assiduous study of the bouffants boasted by most Japanese men would almost certainly suggest that baldness isn’t as big a blight on the nation’s blokes as it is back in my native Britain.

Or there again maybe, just maybe, wigs are a well used but equally well kept secret, with a rug being as readily donned as a raincoat. However, while that is very much open to debate, what isn’t is that just like the latter, wigs do wear, and this poor fella’s equally poor hairpiece,

Japanese wig

is possibly now about as hirsute as his head.

Japanese wig

(click images for super-sized syrup)

Random Japanese people #1

Having to wait a while to cross the road when one really needs to get back to work is annoying — no doubt about it.

But that said, it’s obviously far less infuriating than a funny looking foreigner taking your photo.

Tokyo obasan

Fancy Japanese phone

As every man and his dog now has a mobile phone — the latter possibly quite literally the way canines are cared for in this country — telephone boxes in Japan are becoming fast fading features; especially as they don’t conveniently double up as lager-fuelled lavatories as they do in my native Britain.

However, there are a few still left, and possibly, if they were all as daringly designed as this one, people would be more prone to patronise them.

Japanese phone box


Tokyo Times tidings

For those of you that indulge in a spot of gift giving at this time of year, I sincerely hope that Santa-san brings you a couple of sizeable sacks that will keep you suitably absorbed for some time to come.

Sexy Santa

Or failing that, a perky pair of puppies perhaps.

Sexy Santa

Merry Christmas!