Love hotels and especially hospitals make for much better haikyo, but whereas businesses simply go bankrupt, somebody abandoning their abode is far more mysterious — and immeasurably more melancholy.

Like this rather pitiful looking place for example.

Japanese haikyo

As, while it may be way out by the woods, it presumably still cost a pretty penny, and more importantly was a home, possibly even a sweet one, for somebody. But now its views of the mountains are sadly masked by the overgrown garden,

Japanese haikyo

which has also wormed its way inside.

Japanese haikyo

And, after working one’s way through,

Japanese haikyo

the place reveals that its shoji screens,

Japanese haikyo

and a bit of the wall,

Japanese haikyo

are decidedly decrepit. As is the nearby shed.

Japanese haikyo

Which, while laughably still locked,

Japanese haikyo

boasts only a bicycle. The owner having presumably left by a different means of transport.

Japanese haikyo

Whatever that may have been.

Tokyo parasol protection

Although they have been gaining popularity every passing summer, parasols in the Japanese capital have been particularly popular this year; the quest to be as pasty as the person penning this appearing to be all pervasive.

Japanese fashion

A device that, in conjunction with the alleviating properties of leaves, also means that the bearer can happily survive what seems to be summer’s last hurrah with barely a worry about their whiteness.

Well, barring a wee bit by their back.

Japanese parasol

Mika Kano’s marvellous manners

Mika kano, one half of the kano sisters, a popular Japanese double act famed for its, erm, double acts,

Kano sisters

has made the brave decision, despite her knockers, of writing the book Oppai ni Tsumatte Irumono (Something beyond breasts).

Mika Kano’s book

A surprisingly slight tome that, despite its less than weighty nature, is one that Kano-san hopes will ultimately help women, as in it she claims manners can be far more important than physical features.

Provided of course that those manners are made as immodestly memorable as is medically manageable.

Mika Kano

In a funk funk?

Whatever passions (or indeed perversions) a prospective patron may possess, Tokyo would appear to have a watering hole kindly pandering to his or her particular predilections — all the way from the naughty to the unnecessarily nasty.

And now, to add to the seemingly never-ending list, is a snug little spot that’s ideal for having a snack, listening to some soul and sighing audibly while slumped sadly in one’s seat.

Tokyo bar

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Japanese middle-class meltdown?

With the likes of Nomura Holdings and Sumitomo Mitsui currently delving into their cash-rich coffers to buy up large bits of Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs, it would seem that, for now at least, Japanese institutions may ride out the subprime storm relatively unscathed.

The tremors felt by the nation as a whole may also be as negligible, although perhaps only because the workforce has been suffering spasms of change for quite some time now. Once considered an almost middle-class mass, Japanese society would seem to be slowly fracturing, with the rift between rich and poor becoming increasingly pronounced. A situation hastened by the jettisoning of jobs for life and a rapidly growing number of part-time personnel, resulting in a worrying amount of working poor.

However, while many of these people may be anxious about missing the middle-class boat entirely, there are also now countless others who can’t even manage the most mundane methods of mobility.

Japanese homeless

Whether it be upwards or merely onwards.

Japanese homeless

Bouncy Japanese breasts?

There is certainly no shortage of breast-enlarging concoctions on the Japanese market, with the considerably bold claims of these biscuits probably the best known.

F Cup Cookies

However, for those who like to marry their mushrooming mammaries with onomatopoeias, then BoinBoin is without doubt the only boob booster worth bothering with.


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