Cute concession

Japan’s obsession with all things cute, and the fairly recent convergence of this trend into cuddly little canines kitted out in all kinds of clothing, is an easy practice to poke fun at. However, that said, it could be a sign that I’m getting soft, or possibly because as a child I had a practically identical pet,

Japanese dog clothes

but somehow there’s something faintly fetching, cute even, about this feisty young festival goer in his colourful little coat.

Japanese dog clothes

Japanese bar game bother

As far as the Feather bar’s sign goes, could it have been a simple lack of A’s, over-exuberance due to an excess of E’s,

Japanese bar

or the simple dearth of a dictionary?

Japanese doll demeanor?

For Japanese men with a penchant for plastic, there are a vast array of dolls to dabble with, whether it be at home, or in a hotel. The nation’s ladies on the other hand, should they have such a hankering, will have to make do with this somewhat catatonic casanova.

Japanese male doll

However, should they instead have the urge to look like, rather than liaise, with one, then this hair dye may well be ideal, with the added option of either bleach,

Japanese hair dye

or brown,

Japanese hair dye

to choose from.

Tokyo’s pussy packed pools

Tokyo’s strong summer sun and horrible humidity are sadly somewhat bereft of benefits, except that is, for the city’s outdoor public pools. These plentiful enough places allowing people to both cool off and contemplate the staggering amount of flesh on display, as, it has to be said, they are sometimes absolutely packed with pussy.

Hello Kitty pool

And, with such a tantalising amount of talent on display,

Hello Kitty pool

it can be almost too much for some it would seem.

Hello Kitty pool

Frilly Japanese fashion

Despite Tokyo’s blistering summer heat, the busy city streets suggest that it’s certainly not just mad dogs and Englishman that go out in the midday sun. However, whereas parasols are now practically a prerequisite, and even boasting only one’s birthday suit wouldn’t make the conditions more comfortable, it’s nice to see that some people are still very particular about their appearance.

Japanese fashion