2008 cherry blossom charter #1

As part of its campaign to attract more foreign tourists, the Japanese government’s newly formed, Cherry Blossom Ballyhoo Board, has declared that every website based in Japan has to make a minimum of two mentions of the famed flowers, or alternatively suffer some sort of sanction.

A decree that thankfully allows photos only,

Tokyo cherry blossom

although combinations of bunnies and bare legs have been deemed discretionary.

Tokyo cherry blossom

A foodstuff too far?

As Japan boasts an absolutely massive amount of vending machines, and the vast majority of them dispense drinks, it’s perhaps not surprising that manufacturers are keen to offer customers a bite to eat as well as a beverage.

But whereas bread in a can appears quite passable, and tinned udon looks terrible but is perhaps palatable at a very peckish push, pasta is patently a foodstuff too far.

pasta in a can

Although it does feature a folding fork, which is at least something.

pasta in a can

Sort of.

Fugu form?

Building regulations in Tokyo appear relatively relaxed, with construction in a constant state of flux. And, in the seemingly unsystematic cityscape, considerable amounts of concrete come across as the only recognisable requirement.

Well, except for fugu (blowfish) restaurants that is, as it would seem that in the realm of dangerous delicacies, a certain form has to be followed — namely the flaunting of fantastically sized fish.

Tokyo fugu

Photographic evidence of two such restaurants in the whole of Tokyo surely attesting to this trend,

Tokyo fugu restaurant

with the more ferocious looking the fugu is the better.

Tokyo fugu restaurant

Japanese super-sized semen

As far as gadgets go, Japan definitely doesn’t have to do without, although how indispensable some of them are is debatable to say the least.

Take the Plasma Sperm for example, a men-only machine that, as the packaging if not necessarily the product name suggests, super-sizes semen.

Japanese sperm magnifier

A clever little contraption it has to be said, boasting numerous settings and various views, all the way from the magnified, to the, erm, mega magnified.

Japanese sperm magnifier

Which, all in all creates a machine that, whether necessary or not, makes masturbation even more fun, although coupled with something equally mechanical, it could well break the mould.

japanese handjob

Or at the very least, the manual monotony.