Japanese party pants

Whereas Japan’s work-related end of year parties practically demand that participants overindulge, New Year’s Eve itself is, for many, a fairly sedate affair. Sitting in front of the TV to watch a singing contest and slurping on some soba being standard fare for many.

Yet for the salary man intent on not sobering up and soldiering on regardless, there are plenty of goodies to keep the fun as well as the firewater flowing, including this particular product that should help him party like he’s 19 minus 99 months.

Japanese party

Bottoms up,

Japanese party


Genuine Japanese?

With a slew of food-related scandals throughout Japan, and the nation’s pension problems persisting, the kanji officially considered most apt for this year is that depicting ‘fake’. The newly chosen symbol, as tradition demands, carefully composed by a Buddhist monk.


A profession that rather ironically is also frequently faked for money making purposes, with ‘beggars’ near stations and outside department stores often derided as dodgy.

But that said, what percentage are impostors is probably impossible to say, as without close-quartered consideration, who can confidently conclude whether these fellas are cosplay crooks,

Japanese monk

or cloistered converts?

Japanese monk

I certainly can’t.

Sonny Angel surprise

Now that the festive fun is over for another year, those eager to relive the excitement of opening a surprise gift need look no further than the cloyingly cute Sonny Angel.

Japanese sonny angel

Its randomly wrapped nature meaning that it’ll be like Christmas all over again, with the anticipation of an unidentified gift leading to either delight,

Japanese sonny angel

or downright disappointment.

Japanese curry flavoured cure?

After the gut-busting gluttony of the festive period, what better way to cure any quaffing-related queasiness or gastronomic gases than by swilling down a bottle or two of this curry flavoured lemonade-like Ramune (ラムネ)?

Gut gurgling grimaces guaranteed.

Japanese curry drink

Hello Kitty holidays

The ever-increasing consumption of all things Christmas related in Japan has, perhaps not surprisingly, come under the calculating consideration of the nation’s most conniving cat, Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Japan

Meaning that to regular readers and feline fanatics alike, I unfortunately can’t wish you a Merry Christmas,

Hello Kitty Japan

but instead, a Happy Hello Kitty Holidays!

Hello Kitty Japan

Japanese bowel bother

With most of Japan now in the midst of the bonus and booze-based hedonism that is the end of year party season, many a suffering salary man will be struggling with a stomach that is almost as out of control as his behaviour the previous evening.

Sensitive issues that probably make this particular restaurant something of a no-go area, although it arguably does give another meaning to dabbling in the dubious healing properties of hair of the dog.

Japanese food

(big thanks to the now back in Japan Cynical Traveller for the pic)