Japanese air guitar aid

Perhaps due to Japan boasting the current world air guitar champion — for two years on the trot no less — this most peculiar of pastimes has arguably garnered a reasonable level of respectability, of sorts.

Well, at least practicing it has anyway, with this inflatable instrument allowing connoisseurs to confidently hone their craft.

Japanese air guitar

Meaning that one day, they may well be able to match the tantalizing talents of air guitar god, Yosuke Ochi.

If not the tastelessness of his tops.

Tranquil time out #21

Coming from Britain, where the full compass of weather conditions can sometimes be experienced in a single day, the Japanese fondness of informing foreigners that Japan has four seasons seems a little lame to say the least.

Yet that said, as winter gradually winds it way along the archipelago, autumn’s arresting colours will be sadly missed.

Japanese autumn

For a little while at least.

Japanese autumn

Tokyo trunks

The traditional Japanese loincloth has somewhat surprisingly enjoyed a revival in the last few years, its loose fitting nature and one size fits all no-nonsense approach possibly contributing to the item’s success.

However, whether this particular animal-themed undergarment will enjoy similar sales is debatable to say the least, despite it offering equally ample accommodation.

Although that said, I personally found them a little tight.

Japanese underwear

Around the waist.

Poor Japanese playground

With the Japanese population shrinking, and the current crop of kids weaned on games and gadgets, playgrounds possessing simple things like swings and sandpits are probably not all that popular anymore.

But to be honest, if they all contain such dismal and decidedly disquieting ‘playthings’ as this,

Japanese playground

then all in all, it’s probably for the best.

Japanese playground

(click image for higher-res head)

Post-bubble pad?

With Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day all firmly fixed in the Japanese calendar, it’s somewhat surprising that Thanksgiving still hasn’t made an appearance in some form or another. Well, perhaps not in the area of food and family, but definitely in the frantic buying of bargains that follows, as any excuse to go out shopping is certain to meet with success.

Plus, with their high standard of living and healthy nature, the Japanese have an awful lot to be thankful for. Generally speaking that is, as apart from a bridge to shelter under, along with a bike and a bottle of soy sauce, this middle-aged Japanese man is rather lacking in things to give thanks for.

Japanese homeless

Moving Japanese masks

Full-blown facial expressions are not always the done thing in Tokyo, particularly in public, but as far as festivals are concerned, it would seem that the merrier,

Japanese mask


Japanese mask

or indeed melancholy the masks are, the better.

Japanese mask

With bushy beyond belief nasal hair a rather unnecessary bonus.

Japanese mask