Big and bouncy

Something of a legend in the hugely competitive world of overly large fruit, Takao Hoshijima has once again produced Japan’s most prodigious pumpkin, with his latest entry comfortably winning the top prize at a competition in Kagawa Prefecture last Sunday.

big pumpkin

Weighing in at 357.8 kilogrammes, the phenomenally-sized fruit – along with its owner presumably – will head off to Oregon next month to represent Japan in the world pumpkin championship, where the hopes of a nation will rest heavily on the 71-year-old’s fragile frame.

Yet despite his obvious proficiency with pumpkins, Hoshijima-san has allegedly confessed that he’d be much happier getting to grips with some big and juicy melons, or perhaps more surprisingly, swapping the outdoors for the oven and trying his hand at some big buns or baps.

Cosplay contenders

With time rapidly running out for September’s hotly contested ‘Cosplay Popularity Vote’, rumours are rife concerning who will be crowned Tokyo’s king of cosplay cool.

cosplay contest

Could it possibly be saucy number 77 for being bravely pictured in her panties?

cosplayer 1

Or even cheeky number 95 for having the gall to try and get away with simply donning a pair of specs and a large sweatband?

cosplayer 2

Then again, number 106 could sneak it with his bizarre predilection for drinking what appears to be mayonnaise.

cosplayer 3

All in all making it a contest way too close to call, and with the tension mounting as the end of the month draws near, a nation awaits with baited breath.

(click the cosplay popularity pic for a larger look)

Upskirt upstart

The huge range of reasonably priced digital cameras means that every Tom, Dick and Harry (or Taro, Daisuke and Hiroshi even) has a photographic device of some description, which more often than not is ready to be whipped out when least expected – and even less appreciated. Yet whereas a secret snap of a sake sodden spree is one thing, the unobserved picture of an unknown person’s underwear is another altogether.

Not that such antisocial artistry is uncommon.

Surreptitious and tech-savvy sergeants it seems like to ply their trade with updated umbrellas, whereas sandal-wearing schoolmasters opt for photo capable footwear. And perhaps lacking a little confidence, students ply their trade in packs, carefully planning their desired composition. Plus for those still feeling their way in the field of furtive photography, there’s always the Japanese upskirt picture taking training game to help get to grips with things.


However despite such codes of conduct, perhaps inevitably there are a few rule-breaking renegades, with this young panty pervert showing nothing but contempt for convention.

upskirt shot

Busily going about his business with bold and blatant his only watchwords.

(priceless image via the FG forums)

Ginza gallop

Not wanting to miss out on all the hullabaloo surrounding the birth of Prince Hisahito, Japanese jewellery giant Ginza Tanaka has created a commemorative gift; however in keeping with the company’s elaborate and hugely expensive ‘special editions’, it’s a sumptuously shiny 24-karat gold rocking horse.

gold rocking horse

Weighing in at 30 kilogrammes and retailing at a rattlingly royal 150 million yen (677,000 pound)*, the ‘toy’ is currently a one-off, although there is an option of producing more depending on orders, with a spokeswoman saying, “Due to the costliness of this pony, we haven’t received an order yet, although we have received inquiries.”

Yet for any parents looking for something that little bit special for their offspring, and more concerned with fun than finance, it was also confirmed that, “its seat is very smooth and easy to sit on. The child can sit on it for long hours without getting tired.”

A fact sure to substantially boost sales.

*Grinning child dressed like a middle-aged golfer not included.

Hello Kitty compound

Behind the electrified fence and countless guards, those at Tokyo’s branch of the evil Hello Kitty empire produce more and more mind-boggling merchandise; thousands of them working away whilst the phenomenally famous feline silently looks on.

sanrio japan

Yet despite the secrecy and security, a chance conversation with a departing dispatch driver appeared to suggest that helping contribute to the cat’s quest for world domination does have its perks, with the young fella happily boasting, “It’s wall-to-wall pussy in there.”

hello kitty

Or something along those lines – possibly minus the predictable and preposterously poor pussy pun.